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Our Process

Hiring a professional organizer is not only a personal investment but a form of self-care. 

We give everyone of our clients 100% Judgment free experience. 

On-Site Projects

We start with a 30 min introduction call to make sure we are a good match. Organizing is a personal adventure and we want to make sure we are the right fit and will work well together.


1-hour On-Site Visit or Virtual where we will walk through the space and talk about ideas and products that will help with your organizing goals. We will take before pictures and measurements we may need.


Project Prep - We will research ideas and products and services that your project may need We will order and pick products to need to transform your space.


On-Site Work Days - This is where the fun begins! Our organizers work on-site to make our ideas come to life, and maybe even more important to deal with twists and turns that may come as we start working. 


Job Wrap-Up - Return of product not used, removal of donations, and setting up trash pick up if needed.

Follow Up - We want to make sure you are completely happy with your new organized space.

Virtual Projects


We offer virtual consulting appointments in 60 or 90-minute sessions. Ask unlimited questions, receive product recommendations, and get instructions to organize and maximize your space. It's the perfect budget-friendly solution for DIY enthusiasts who need a little guidance.

Book your session now, and let's get started!


Is virtual organizing for you?

Are you working with a budget?

Are you comfortable working with technology?

Do you love DIY but are not quite sure how to start? 

Are you a self-motivator?

Can you take action steps?


Did you answer any of these questions with a yes, virtual organizing may be right for you. Visit the contact us page and fill out the Virtual Contact Intake Form.


Virtual organizing may be the answer - no matter where you are Amanda can give you the guidance and accountability of working with a professional organizer in a budget-friendly way.

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