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Amanda Casarella

Casarella in Itailan means Little House 

 Born on Thanksgiving Day in Buffalo, New York, Amanda Marie Casarella is the second of three daughters.
Amanda fell in love with organizing at a young age. Growing up with a learning disability, it was helpful to have her 
environment organized. It became clear that when her environment was organized, it let her brain slow down some and improved her focus.
Amanda fell into organizing when she was getting her MFA in Acting. Amanda took her (possibly weird) obsession with assembling Ikea furniture and made it a side job. (Can you believe some people don't like to put together furniture with just pictures to follow?!) After being hired by an organizer to assemble furniture, they clicked, and Amanda started to learn the skills needed to be a professional organizer.
Amanda has had the fortunate opportunity to work with organizers in San Francisco, Buffalo, NY, and Los Angles.
In 2021 A Little House Organized was formed and named in honor of her Dad and Mom and their never-ending support of Amanda and all her dreams. 

A Note From Amanda

Whether your organizing goal is your whole living space or just your closet, I am here to help. I have had the honor to work and learn from some of the best organizers in San Francisco, Buffalo, NY, and Los Angles. Learning from different organizers let me observe different approaches to organizing areas of homes and trouble spots. My unique training allows me to come up with unique solutions. 

My goal is to cultivate a relationship with each client that is honest and supportive.

My Philosophy

Image by Sixteen Miles Out
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