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Make Your Space Work

We have all seen the Instagram post and watched the shows - because they are amazing, and everyone loves a good rainbow. But just because it looks good does not always mean it will work for your everyday life.

I work with clients to make sure we end up in a place that looks ready for social media but also works for everyday life.

It is about finding what works for you and your lifestyle.

Colorful Yarn


This word can be exciting or nerve-wracking - maybe even both. Clutter can be anything from unneeded scraps of paper to letting go of something that was very important to you at one time. We are here to help, to ask questions, listen to stories and relive moments with you. Sometimes knowing your items will be able to be use and loved by someone else is enough to let go. Sometimes you are just not ready - we work with you to find ways to hold on to the things you may not be quite prepared to say goodbye to and still have an organized space. 

Topview of Folded Scarves

Furniture Assembly

Purchased new furniture to aid in your organizing goals? 

I have extensive experience assembling furniture of all types, so let me help!

Modern Dining Room
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